Ruckus T310d - Outdoor Wireless Access Point

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The T310d is an 802.11ac Wave 2, 2x2:2 Outdoor AP with MU-MIMO. The T310d is the most advanced Outdoor AP in it's class - enabling multiple use cases of outdoor deployments that are not possible with any other AP. It is an omni-directional internal antenna AP, perfect for outdoor deployments where WiFi access is needed like Stadiums, Smart cities, Large Public Venues, Campgrounds, Schools and other outdoor areas. The AP supports temperatures down to -40C, making it a good fit for extreme weather deployments where WiFi is still critical. It can be powered in 2 ways: through standard PoE (802.3af) and for the first time, through DC power. The DC power input ensures that Meshed outdoor T310d APs are not powered off an unreliable power grid - ensuring that the WiFi outdoor mesh network can continue to function even during grid power outages. Additionally, the T310d comes with a USB port - perfect for supporting all manner of IoT technologies - both today, and any new technologies that come in the future. The T310d enables multiple different use cases, yet retains a sleek, compact form factor - atypical for an outdoor AP. The T310d can be deployed as standalone, or managed by ZoneDirector or SmartZone controllers.

Title: 5 Years License


Ruckus T310d - Outdoor Wireless Access Point

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