Ruckus T610s - Outdoor Wireless Access Point

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The T610 delivers blazingly fast connectivity for high-density outdoor deployments, with combined radio data rates of 2.5Gbps and the density-handling ability to match. Patented BeamFlex+ technology rejects interference amd improves signal quality for any device, anywhere. Included MU-MIMO technology maximizes network efficiency, reducing bottlenecks and enhancing user experience. Smart Mesh accelerates time-to-deployment and eliminates the cost associated with Running Ethernet cabling between multiple access points in the network. The T610 can be used with any Ruckus control and management platform - appliance, virtual or cloud-managed. That means as your business needs change, your architecture - and your APs - can change with you. The T610 is designed for high-density deployments in which dozens of clients need guaranteed high throughput. Smart Cities providing city wide wireless connectivity for: municipal Wi-Fi, untilities and smart sensors for IoT applications are ideal use cases for the T610. The T610 is for customers that want premium wireless performance and don't have specialized backhaul interface needs (like fiber or coaxial cable).

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Ruckus T610s - Outdoor Wireless Access Point

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